Dr. Maddahi's Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry patients have asked us to share these letters with you.

It's more than I expected and better than I hoped for. I thought my teeth would be big and not normal and Hollywood-style instead of perfectly shaped for my face. The color and shape is perfect for me.

Let me explain. This is the second time I have had veneers. The first was not the product I hoped for so I came to see Dr. Maddahi. When he anesthetized I felt no pain what so ever – not even a prick. I felt nothing afterwards and the numbness lasted exactly the right amount of time and wore off perfectly to where I was use to it right away and could eat a normal meal. Any sensitivity went away in two days like normal every-day-dentistry should be. In the past, when I got crowns at a dental office it took months for the sensitivity to abate. No heavy painkillers this time! The whole experience was non- painful, comfortable, and reassuring – the kindness from everyone here kept my mind off of any pre-conceived consideration I had.

Why veneers? As a woman it helps the structure of your face and when your teeth are whiter it makes your skin tone and eyes look better in contrast. Instead of my smile being distracting it is bright and youthful and took years off me. People love it – they say it's the best they have every seen. They complement my skin because it glows and is more youthful looking. I have no pain, no trouble brushing or flossing – nothing! In fact, it’s easier to floss and brush now.

It's not like going to the dentist! If given the choice between going to Dr. Maddahi and a hair salon I'd get my teeth done! My advice is "Don't go to plastic surgery. Get your teeth done. You'll look 10 years younger." Even the temporaries looked better and felt better than the permanents my former dentist put on! I followed directions and didn’t eat anything hard and had not one bit of trouble with them. Even if you have to borrow money – do it! -- CB

I want to thank you so much for my beautiful smile. I have never felt so comfortable and so at home in a dentist's office. Everyone treated me like I was family.

Growing up I was always self-conscious about my teeth. I have never smiled like I have since you changed my smile. Your work is phenomenal. What you did to my teeth is a masterpiece. -- YG

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