Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Dr. Kourosh Maddahi as my cosmetic dentist?
He is a very knowledgeable and up-to-date dentist who is thorough and meticulous. Really listening to and caring about his patients, Dr. Maddahi is able to make their new smiles look completely natural. Also, he strives make his patients' experiences very comfortable and pain-free.

How can I be assured my new smile will look natural?
Dr. Maddahi is an artist, and he uses his abilities, along with the latest dental equipment, to make sure his patients' smiles look magnificent. Using Digital Cosmetic Imaging, Dr. Maddahi can show you what the results of his work will be before the procedure is begun. Additionally, he uses a Digital Bite Recorder to make sure that veneers and crowns fit most comfortably.

What are the benefits of using cosmetic dentistry instead of orthodontics?
It can take years for the braces and retainers to completely handle the look of your teeth, and you'll have to live with unattractive braces for at least several months, and possibly years. Depending on the chosen procedure, Dr. Maddahi can make your smile exactly how you've imagined it in just a few visits. You will soon be smiling for friends and family, and photographs, with your teeth proudly showing.

Can I avoid the pain I usually suffer through when getting numbed?
The pain often experienced when receiving local anesthetic is caused by how quickly the numbing solution is inserted. The Wand uses a micro compressor so the speed is regulated; patients feel a bit of pressure, but no pain. Plus Dr. Maddahi can numb only the tooth or area that is getting worked on when he uses The Wand to administer local anesthetic.

I know Dr. Maddahi is a cosmetic dentist, but does he also do basic dental procedures?
Dr. Kourosh Maddahi performs basic dental procedures frequently. He can do regular checkups, periodontal treatment, gum charting, and diagnostic services. He also does work on cavities, makes porcelain crowns, performs root canals and emergency dentistry.

How can I get pain-free dentistry?
Dr. Maddahi uses Drill-Free Dentistry! Air abrasion is comparable to sand blasting, and it removes only the decayed sections of tooth. For example, when most dentists spot a small spot of decay on a patient's tooth, they must drill away at an amount of healthy tooth to get to the decay. In that same scenario, Maddahi would use air abrasion dentistry. When he uses this tool, there is no whining, no burning smell, no vibration, and no anesthetic required.

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