Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentistry

Finding the right cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles can be pretty tricky. What things should you be looking for in your cosmetic dentist? Kind and caring attitude. Good communication skills. Able to make veneers and crowns appear completely natural. Uses the latest advances in technology. Thorough and meticulous.

Kourosh Maddahi , DDS fills all of these criteria. He is highly recommended by his patients because he is so courteous. Dr. Maddahi is a dentist who is truly devoted to his patients; he has great communication skills and ensures his patients are more than satisfied with the results of all work he does.

Dr. Maddahi has a knack for making his dental work look fitting and natural. Beyond his personal ability, Dr. Maddahi is skilled at using modern dental tools that contribute to the quality of his work. Intra-Oral cameras help him to most precisely see inside the mouth and Digital Cosmetic Imaging shows you what the result of the work will be before the procedure is started.

Additionally, Dr. Maddahi does very scrupulous work, paying attention to minute details. He is patient and works with only one patient at a time. Taking his time, he has developed a name for himself; people realize that he has a sense of what's beautiful and natural, so he is a highly regarded cosmetic dentist.

Patience, notoriety, academic qualification, a good location, courtesy and extreme credibility are all reasons past patients have chosen Dr. Maddahi. We hope to see you in the office soon.

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